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HGV Brings the latest technology in the form of Web & Mobile App to the fingertips of HGV Hirers, Drivers & 3rd Party Service Provider(s)

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The future of hirers and limited company drivers lies in the adoption of HGV, which functions as a centralized hub application. Our company is dedicated to offering top-notch logistic and transportation services to our clients, and we firmly believe that embracing HGV is the way forward to achieving this objective. As a centralized hub application, HGV provides a streamlined approach to logistics and transportation services, which translates to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging the capabilities of HGV, we aim to revolutionize the transportation industry by providing a platform that enables seamless communication, coordination, and management of all logistics and transportation activities. Our commitment to excellence in service provision remains unwavering, and we are confident that by embracing HGV, we will be able to deliver exceptional logistics and transportation services to our clients, both now and in the future.

HGV Drivers CPC Training is a mandatory qualification for all professional HGV drivers. It is a legal requirement for all drivers of commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, and ensures that they are qualified and up-to-date with their driving knowledge.

HGV Driver Hub is an online platform that helps companies manage the compliance of their HGV drivers. The platform provides employers with access to a database of up-to-date information on driver qualifications, medical records, and other documentation that can be used to ensure the driver is compliant with the regulations and laws of the industry.

Carbon accounting services are services that help organizations measure and monitor their carbon footprints. These services are used to help organizations track their emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, and provide them with the data necessary to reduce their environmental impact.

HGV Driver Shield is a service specifically for HGV Drivers. It allows them to access professional advice and support to ensure that they stay safe and legal when out on the road

HGV drivers have to wear special workwear for safety and protection when driving. This includes protective clothing such as hi-vis jackets, safety boots, and gloves. They must also wear a uniform shirt or jacket and trousers with reflective stripes.

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