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Enhanced Driver


Enhanced Driver Module is based on a Fee Payer model where HGV Driver Payment Solutions Ltd enters the labour chain. We will work closely with agencies and hirers to provide a legal and compliant workforce. The model ensures that each Driver would reach our Enhanced Driver Status – which means that the hirer can be confident that the worker that delivers the services, have registered onto the Hub app for Compliance monitoring purposes.

By entering the contractual chain, the fee-paying business can determine whether the Contractor is compliantly operating in or outside of IR35.

If the determination is that the enhanced Driver is deemed to be within IR35 ie not compliant within the enhanced driver model then they will be paid net as of payroll taxes. As most enhanced drivers will be deemed outside of IR35, they will receive their gross payment minus £10 +Vat which gives them access to the app and compliancy features.

What is an Enhanced Driver?

Compliant – Has his own Limited Company set up and is of good standing

Registered with HMRC and up to date with Corporation Tax and PAYE Scheme

Has a Business to Business Contract relationship established

No SDC in Road Haulage

Full Unfettered right of Substitution

No mutual obligation to future work

Demonstrates he is trading as a genuine Ltd Company:

Public Liability Insurance

Business Bank Account

Costs and expenses incurred are noted

PAYE scheme in place

Training and medicals are up to date

What is the HGV DRIVER HUB?

The HGV Driver Hub is an app and platform which enables Drivers to communicate with all intermediaries and improves overall compliance through the supply Chain.The app is a “one stop Shop” for the drivers and agencies alike with regards to IR35 compliance and determinations. Our primary function is to assist recruitment companies provide a safe, legal, and compliant methodology to retain and utilise a PSC labour resource.

Features of the HGV Driver HUB app


Driver profiles - where all documents are uploaded and kept in one place
Cest Determination Tool – Uploaded into the drivers profile of those usingthe EDM model which we believe determines the Driver outside of IR35
Time Sheet functionality – Drivers can input their hours, breaks, expensesand vehicle checks in one place to submit direct to their agency and canemail direct to their accountant
Weekly Remittances – Are uploaded direct to the drivers portal for them tosend direct to their accountant.
Monthly Expenses forms – Expense form template for Drivers to recordtheir monthly expenditure to send direct to their accountants
Substitution – As trading in a B2B relationship, should a driver be unable tofulfil their contractual obligations, then the Driver can post a request for asubstitution to a global pool of drivers to fulfil the job in question.
Job Features– Agencies can post jobs direct to their drivers in their pool
Future Work – Agencies can post jobs on a global board to recruit driverswho are not in an assigned pool.
IR35 Traffic Light System – a visual guide when a driver logs in to the portal


Cloud hosted web portal to manage their assigned pool of Drivers who operate strongly outside of IR35
“Assigned Pool” of HGV Drivers who are providing their HGVDriving services via their LTD/PSC Companies
Profile view of Drivers in their pool to ensure due diligence hasbeen done
Jobs posted by the HGV Drivers who are in the Hirer’s Assigned Pool (for Substitution)
Facility to approve/reject the Substituted Driver
Timesheets – Drivers can submit their weekly timesheets withthe option to approve, reject or edit.
Timesheets - Can be downloaded to generate the weekly payfile
Jobs – Ability to post jobs within a global pool of 2500 drivers to build their own pool
Jobs – Ability to post and allocate jobs within their ownassigned pool.
Own white label solution – Showcase your own Brand!

Together with the Enhanced Driver Model and the HGV Driver Hub app the end hirer is assured that due diligence has been taken to determine the IR35 status of a Limited Company Driver and can deliver a SDS safe in the knowledge that all care and steps have been taken to ensure the following:

There is no mutuality of obligations between Driver and Hirer

The driver incurs costs before the assignment that are not directly recovered from the Hirer eg PLI, Safety-wear, Boots, CPC training, Digi cards and office costs to name but a few

The driver has considerable risks in not getting paid for work completed if not “up to scratch”

Under standard REC Terms (contract 4b) substitution is permitted by the Hirer

A B2B contract is formed between the Driver and the Hirer

Interaction within Enhanced Driver Model

1 Step The Driver is enrolled on to our platform and compliance audited.

The Driver is given 14 days to improve compliance to“fall within IR35” or face being paid by the Fee-Payer net offull PAYE deductions for Income Tax and National InsuranceContributions.

2 Step The fee-payer either HGV Driver Payment Solutions or the Hirer makes the payment to the driver.

If HGV Driver Payment Solutions Limited makes the paymentthe PSC is paid Grossless a processing fees of £10.00 if deemedto be fully compliant and outside of IR35.

Paid Net of employment taxes if deemed to be inside of IR35.

If the Hirer is making the payment as Fee Payer – then caneither access the Compliance report from within the Hub Portalmake the payment to the PSC Gross less the total processingfees of £10.00 if deemed to be fully compliant and outsideof IR35.

Paid Net of employment taxes if deemed to be inside of IR35.

3 Step The driver is given a certificate of compliance only when it has been audited that he has paid himself correctly. This will be supplemented by a CEST and SDS.

If the Driver on HGV Driver Accountancy’s books they will begiven a normal remittance.

If the Driver has a third-party accountant – in order to bepaid Gross they must sign a binding declaration that they arecompliant and that they are paying themselves at least NLW.

Substitution – Case in Three Steps.

The Driver undertakes the job for days 1-3.

The job is 5 days.

The driver has a two day hospital appointment ondays 4 and 5.

The Driver requests a substitute on the App from a pre-assigned pool of drivers.

This is approved by the Agency.

The driver is notified.

The Substitute is notified.

The work is done by the substitute and is evidencedby digital tachography.

The invoice is assigned to us so that we can discharge the Driver’s Payments to the Driver 5% and Substitute 95%.

We raise a self-bill invoice on behalf of theSubstitute and the HGV Driver Payment Solutionsare paid by the Hirer for the drivers’ invoice –assigned by the Driver to the Hub.

The Driver is paid 5%.

The Substitute is paid 95%.